Born in October 1964 at Oberhausen, Germany, my real name is Ralf Hildebrand. After middle school I completed an industrial training as telecommunications craftsman at German Telekom. This was a very good training and helped me to develop skills in nearly any kind of crafts.

In 1987 I got a first taste of advertising and decided to make my way as a copywriter. This worked quite fine – I have worked as copywriter at severeal well known agencies in the past and am still running a business as one man agency now. Just before my first engagement in an agency I earned my money as a freelancer, which is exactly vice-versa the usual way. But that's me.  

After my first steps as an copywriter, I discovered graphics and photography as additional ways of expression. The advertising industry helped me get fed for more than 25 years and worked well as a satisfying valve for my creativity. But after this long time the number of ideas in my head increased – the valve was getting more and more tight, the pressure in my head and soul was increasing, too.

Facing the increasing pressure, I knew I had to make a decision. So I got to be an artist.

So simple? No, of course not! First I had to realise that I have always been an artist. I just didn't know, and when I realised it there were several obligations keeping me from making art all day long (except inside my head). That wasn't enough for me one day, and my wish for being creative without targets and borders, with the total intellectual freedom of an artist broke through. Since that day I realise art projects and my idea book grows and grows.

In early 2014 I started acrylic painting and am enthusiastic about this newway to express my thoughts and feelings. You may ask yourself why I didn't try that before. Well, in school they told me that I can't paint and I believed them. But they also told me that I can't write. And so – very much later – I realised that my intelligence and skills were far beyond of what the most teachers could imagine. And the day came, when I thought 'why should this not be appliable to arts & painting'?

So one day in early 2014 I bought some canvas, colours & brushes, and started right off. I noticed that I could express my ideas, thoughts and feelings exactly the way they lived in my imagination nearly right from the start. So I went to buy some bigger canvas...

It was a beautiful and satisfying feeling, which grew better, as I presented my work to friends and strangers. Don't believe that I'm thinking to be a van Gogh now. I knowI never will reach the technical perfection of the old masters. Partially, because I'm not trying. I'm a contemporary man with contemporary thoughts. My art is dedicated to the future, not to the past. And: if I want to create something realistic, I'll always prefer photography.

So if, I'd like to compare my work to renowned artists of today and the past 50 years. And while comparing, one will recognise quickly that the iconic role is played by the individual perception of the viewer.

Now I feel well prepared to step into public and to face it's judgement. And for yours, I'm most curios at all!


By the way: If you like to know how I think about god, man, the universe, and the rest, simply read my thoughts. That sounds more difficult than it is: just click at 'thoughts' tab...